An Introduction

Just has to be made

I have met an incredibly sexy, fully in black, Carlos and I just had to share him. I was instantly in love, and he’s all mine.

I mean, just who could resist?!

You’re my first social media post my friends! I am driving out to my brother’s in hopes of him being at home to see the car this morning so I have to keep my posts off Instagram until then. If he’s not home then the post will be my car in his drive way while he’s missing out haha

Carlos (named very inappropriately because I am DYING as I fall for a guy at work who is Columbian so the joke between me and my best friend is that if I can’t have him then at least I can ride a Latin man every day with my car LOL) was supposed to arrive at the dealership on May 9th. Then they’d have to register him, I’d have to do financing and all that, and then give them 48 hours after signing the papers to detail him and do all their checks on him.

Anyway, he arrived the last week of April! So they registered him on the first business day of May and I was in the dealership on Wednesday to sign my loan papers since I was at home sick anyway. I picked him up Friday after work and goodness, it’s been just over 12 hours and I love him haha.

There was a small scratch on him from the plates going on (actually I think it was the covers they put on the plates? Like the dealership covers?) but they buffed that out while my sales rep was going over all the features inside the car. She went over all the screens and most of the buttons, she even hooked up my Bluetooth and got my Andriod Auto all set up. It worked twice and now it’s being a little bit of a pain trying to connect it naturally but I’m sure I will get it all sorted and connecting automatically shortly. I’m HORRIBLE at that type of thing and usually just give up but I love that my google maps from my phone will show on the touch screen and it’s better than just standard Bluetooth.

I set up my insurance on Monday since I knew I would be picking it up this week. It started on Thursday (since that was my pick-up date until I got sick). I don’t have any insurance record for 7 years, which is kind of bad in the car insurance game lol. I do have a previous profile with the company I am using since I used them for my previous 2 cars. In order to get better rates in a year, I am running this “automerit” thing on my phone. It tracks my driving habits and after a year can decrease my insurance rates and give discounts for good driving. I am a pretty good driver so I don’t foresee any issues. If it records a trip and thinks I’m a driver but I’m just a passenger, I can change that. Since the coverage started on Thursday, and I was still taking the bus, it recorded those trips, but actually intuitively recorded them as public transit. Probably based on the number of stops haha.

So there ya have it! The newest love of my life, Carlos. And just in time for a round of summer online dating apps LOL

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