It feels so good

To brush your teeth after 2 days.

So this week I had the misfortune of having food poisoning. At least I think it was that. I was fine all day Monday, then had dinner and about 2 hours later, dinner was returning in a very unpleasant way.

From 7:30pm-3:30am I had to make 8 very quick and painful trips to my bathroom. Obviously I was off work Tuesday. Didn’t eat anything more than a few crackers and a piece of toast, needed 3 naps of over an hour each to make it through the day.

Tuesday I developed a fever. How lovely. I got a text from my teaching team that a student was sent home from school with a fever. Since I had a fever, work on Wednesday was out of the question as well.

I called my brother Tuesday night and he dropped off some medication and some soup packets when he was done work. I took the meds at 730pm, slept until almost 10pm and then was actually HUNGRY. After almost 30 hours I was eating again! Just a small yogurt cup and some chicken noodle soup from my freezer.

I slept 10 hours in total Tuesday night into Wednesday. I love my fitbit since it tells me.

Wednesday was a nice day at home. I was feeling better, actually brushed my teeth for the first time since Monday morning (how fast that gets forgotten in sickness),only needed one nap, was eating some real food! Egg on toast even!!

My teaching team didnt have such a good day. 3 kids were at home, only one was online with them. One student had cut their hair. One needed to go into the time out room for violence. One screaming and crying on the floor after afternoon recess. An EA trying to change the schedule to watch videos/have the kids play. The person taking over my teaching is only an EA this year and is in teachers college so that’s why she can teach. But she did well!

Today I am back to work. All the muscles in my back and my ribs are still hurting so much, and I may just have crackers and soup for lunch. But at least I get to see my kids. And do a Mother’s Day craft with them lol.

15 thoughts on “It feels so good

    • Is exhausting being back at work today but I’m glad that I’m back. I’ve of my support staff is deciding to take over things and its annoying everyone. And me even more than usual because i have zero energy to deal with it today

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    • Oh my goodness it was EXHAUSTING today haha a coworker said she looked at me during my prep and I just looked like a zombie 😅 but when I’m teaching my energy is my normal energy. So I was all out of everything. Then at around 3ish I just got a zap of energy and now I’m fine? Came home and ate an actual dinner and feel good!

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  1. Food poisoning is the worst. One year, my boss hosted Christmas dinner at his place. I had some smoked salmon for appetizers. Let me tell you, I was violently ill by the time I got home. I was in so much pain. I swear my gut issues started then, and I believe I never really recovered from it. As a result, I steer clear of uncooked fish, so no sushi for me, other than the vegetarian type.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

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