Sunday Scribblings #103

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is Mother Goose.

When I was in teacher’s college, a few years before I started this blog, I was put into a kindergarten class for my last placement. During the first week of my placement at this school, the organizer asked what grades were the target ages for the teacher candidates to work in. It was a small school so it was just me and one other teacher candidate. She wanted kindergarten and I wanted like grade 2 or 3. She lasted all of 3 weeks and dropped out of the program entirely. So I was all by myself for the entire year in the school.

When my last placement time came, it was twice a week for observations from January until March Break and then the 6 weeks from March Break to the end of April I was to be teaching 100%. You can’t really do that in full-day kindergarten in Ontario because it’s supposed to be all play-based learning. Thankfully this program was new and my associate teacher was still doing some teaching blocks during the day.

Anyway, those first few months of observation time were horrible. I went home crying every single day for all of January and February. I hated being in kindergarten. And my school organizer was like “but you wanted kindergarten” “no that was the other girl, is there any other grade I can switch into?” “well no, sorry it’s too late, you’ve already started the placement and it’s a strike year, we can’t make teachers take you” So I was stuck.

One unit I had to teach was language, obviously. And the teacher of the class decided it would be best to do nursery rhymes because they are easy and fun. And I was like “yeah…ok….ick…” but I did what I was told. She even suggested that I dress up as Mother Goose for the reading of the stories! UM WHAT?!?! Not only did I hate being there but now you want me to dress up to read stories to these kids? No thank you!!

By the end of my 6 weeks of full-time teaching, I was hooked on the age. I even did an additional qualification course the summer after I graduated in kindergarten to start specializing in it. I only took the first of 3 parts before I quit teaching, and then started this blog, but now I am back in teaching. And ya know what, I would 100% dress up for my kids now.

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