#AtoZChallenge : R

Mr. Ray has a special place in my heart. Finding Nemo was released in 2003. I was in high school and my physics teacher/teacher supervisor for one of my clubs was a Mr. Ray. In all honesty, I straight up had a crush on him and in my own little baby T way would sass him in a flirty way I guess? He was also good friends with my brother and once he got to his second year of grade 12, a whole bunch of the students taking an extra year would legit hang out with this teacher after school. I remember my brother going to play pool and the teacher was invited as well. He was pretty young and fit into their group well. I’m not sure what that really says for his teaching career after that, but at the time I was so jealous because it just seemed like such a grown-up thing to do and I wanted to go so badly. I just looked him up and he is still a member in good standing with the college of teachers here so I guess he’s doing ok!

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