GF hits the gym

I’m back into my fitness obsession.

So when covid started I fell in love with power walking. I dropped some inches, built some muscles, and overall felt pretty great about myself.

Then I had to start going back to work and I moved and I let it drop out of my life.

Over March break, I joined a gym to start up again. After all my back and hip problems since the summer, I really need to be moving a LOT more.

I joined Fit4Less which is just a 5 minute walk from my house. I started on March 18th as my first workout. I went at like 9am hoping it wasn’t busy. I have never joined a gym before and I would need someone to show me how to use the machines. I just got the basic package which is $7.90 every two weeks. Not too bad at all!

I started with just the treadmill. The worker there got me all set up and took his time to explain all the buttons. I used it a few times until I wanted to start branching out.

I’m not so worried about weight loss, but more so heart health. Mt fitbit says my cardio health is bad.

This is what I want to fix. It needs to be better.

I go 3 times a week. Sometimes I can’t, like last week, but I try. I also try not to go more than 2 days in a row without a rest day. As I get more strength, I can start going more.

After my workout I then have to walk home! Haha! Thankfully when its a work day, the bus drops me off right at the plaza so its just a two minute walk around the building to get in. Once I get a car, I feel like my trips will increase.

I always start on the treadmill and right now I’m doing 50 minutes of my hour on the treadmill. This is usually at a steady pace so it falls into either the fat burn or cardio setting on my fitbit.

My last 10 minutes I rotate between machines: 2 types of ellipticals, a rower, a stair climber.

On these machines, I will do a fast pace for about a minute, then 30 seconds as fast as I can go, and continue until my 10 minutes are up. I’ll build up the fastest sprints and the length on these machines as I get used to them. A

So far, my favourite is the rower. Its easy and simple. Then the long stride elliptical, the stair climber, and a short stride elliptical.

I really like that all these machines start on their own and you don’t need to do much other than hit the “quick start” on them.

So far it’s been a good month! I do post my fitbit stats on my twitter page if anyone is actually interested in them. My fitbit doesn’t have a rowing option so I am just using the “workout” one. I might just switch to using the workout for the whole time at the gym but I’m not sure….

As I get more into the fitness, I might branch out into the weights side of the facility. But right now that’s not really a priority.

24 thoughts on “GF hits the gym

  1. Good for you! I love using my Fitbit to get better insight into my workouts. I’ve tried using it in the workout mode for both cardio (treadmill/elliptical) and weight training workouts and found that it’s not as accurate. I don’t know why; maybe you can test it to and see if you find the same. Now I’m curious what it says about my cardio score. I’ll have to try and find it.

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  2. So proud of you. I, also go 3x a week and I love the Rower. Bit, I prefer the Track instead of the Treadmill and I am also trying other machines. I am to hopefully fight my Osteoporosis and get in better shape. I go to LVAC!

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  3. I don’t have a fitbit or any tracker, but I know my fitness/cardio is beyond bad. Something I am slowly working on around my health issues. Good on you, T (I feel like I need a cheerleaders outfit with pom poms to go “rah rah rah “).

    But what blew me away is the gym fee!! Oh my gosh!! That is mind-blowingly cheap. I’m stunned you can get it for that price. A cheap gym membership in Oz is about $50 a fortnight (and our dollars are pretty equivalent). Wow! I had to let my membership go a few years ago because of the cost.

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    • OH MY GOSH that’s so expensive!!! This gym has no frills though. It’s a $44 yearly cleaning fee and then the membership. It’s either $6.99 every two weeks (what I have) or $11.99 for access to things like tanning and massage chairs. I don’t want that lol. There aren’t any showers or saunas or trainers available. There are lockers and change rooms and bathrooms though. If you want to refill your water you just use the tap in the bathroom (our tap water is safe to do that here so it’s not a big deal). Other gyms are much more expensive. But I don’t need all those frills.


      • Our gyms don’t have saunas, massage chairs or tanning (solariums are completely banned in Australia). Personal trainers cost more (probs paying over $100/fortnight for that membership). They might include some group sessions though, like yoga or spin class. Australia is a pretty expensive place to live.

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        • WOW! Some gyms here will have classes as well, but I think its an extra fee built in to use them. I don’t think I’d ever spend so much to join a gym lol i can justify this cos its like $3.50 a week and I go 3 times so that’s good. But dang….thats a lot of money


  4. Sounds like you’ve good a good routine going! I think my cardio is good (Fitbit says ‘excellent’), but I could never bring myself to go to the gym regularly (mostly because I don’t really like doing weights or strength-based exercises) so I admire you! The physio has given me a strength program to follow at home… I started yesterday and I already know it’ll be a struggle to do it every day! πŸ˜‚

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    • I dont do weights at all! But was gifted a set of 3lb dumbbells and 5lb ones over the weekend so I might start at home. I love the treadmill and the ability to just work out things in my head while exercising.


      • Yeah, I find walking is a really good exercise for that as well. I find it much easier to think when moving!

        My treadmill has been gathering dust since I had to stop running, but you’ve inspired me to start using it again! Still can’t run (or feel like it if I’m honest), but I can use it for walking/inclines when it rains instead of trying to motivate myself to brave the rain.

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        • Oh I didnt know you had to stop! Thats so sad!!

          I never run on the treadmill. Its too much for me. But I do walk as fast as possible hahaha going to the gym tonight for the first time in about 10 days. Pray for me haha


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