Is it summer yet?

Cos I’m speeding up some of my summer plans!

I have been saving for a car. Well, I have been saving for many things, but one thing was a car. Since I wanted to buy around the end of June/beginning of July, I have been looking at cars now. Just getting a sense of what is out there and available, the prices, the styles of cars etc. But I knew I wasn’t going to be buying. I kept seeing lots of nice cars but they all had lots of km on them or weren’t what I was expecting, or were just expensive based on what it was.

I had a very specific idea about what I wanted: A Hyundai Tuscon or Kona, a Mazda Cx-3 or Cx-5 type style. I needed a backup camera, decent mileage, decent fuel economy, I was leaning towards AWD but FWD has better fuel consumption. And winter tires included were a bonus. Most importantly, I needed to keep my monthly payments to around $300.

But it was ok, because I wasn’t buying now anyway. Facebook and Instagram didn’t think that was the plan because they were constantly posting ads for cars! Which was a great way to spend my time because I would just get sucked into the sites.

Friday was one of those days where I got SUCKED in. And then, there she was. A beautiful white 2017 Tucson. Decent-ish mileage for the age. Everything that I wanted. It was at like 8:30 pm so I took the risk and sent a message to the company’s online chat asking about fuel economy. I am all about the fuel economy right now. The person replied that they didn’t know, took my info and said they would pass it along to a sales person to contact me in the morning. I said I would head out to the dealership first thing in the morning to check out the cars anyway so no need to get a sales person involved.

Within 20 minutes, I had a text from a sales person! She saw the email and just jumped on it. The fuel economy was not good. But I still agreed to a test drive. BECAUSE I WASN’T BUYING RIGHT NOW!

I arrived Saturday morning after over an hour on the bus to get all the way out to Kanata. And the whole way there, I was practicing my questions to ask, and remembering my dad’s stern warning of NO DEPOSITS!!!!! The sales lady said that Tuscon I wanted to see wasn’t ready. It wasn’t safetied. BUT she had a different 2017, still white, about 50,000 km less, AND it came with snow tires! Just $1000 more than the other one. So I said sure! Let’s go!

The drive was nice. Before going, both my dad and my one friend told me to ask my brother about things. But I am currently angry at him. And I’m finding it hard to get over that anger at the moment. But during my test drive, I stopped in a store parking lot and called him, waking him up at 9:30 on a Saturday lol. He said the fuel economy wasn’t the best but it seemed ok.

I got back to the dealership and was talking to the lady. I was sooooo ready to get this car. YES EVEN THIS EARLY!!! I was texting my dad and brother while talking to the lady, I know it’s rude but I needed their opinions. We talked about price points and it was just a little bit out of my range. Like $100 more each month than I was wanting. For a used car. And it was very close to the end of its warranty.

She talked to her sales manager and he asked what my commute is like and driving habits etc. They even gave me a general idea of my monthly fuel costs based on current prices! But still, that monthly payment was just too much to justify at that point. I was about ready to leave a little bit disappointed, but not really a waste of time.

And then the main sales manager comes in and asks if I had considered leasing a brand new car.

I hadn’t.

After speaking to the sales manager, leasing seemed to be a very attractive option. I’d be getting a 2022 Kona. Brand new. Full warranty on everything. All the upgrades I wanted and even more! A monthly payment of $339, a 4 year lease with an interest rate of 4.99%. I just would have to keep under 16,000 km per year. And after 4 years I just give the car back. Oh and did I mention it was about $3000 LESS than the 2017?!?! A BRAND NEW CAR. LESS THAN A 2017?!?!?!?!

This was a very attractive offer. It fit my low driving life style. And most importantly it fit my budget.

They had a Kona for me to test drive. I went out and got in it, and I am pretty sure it was someone’s personal vehicle, not a dealership car. There was a pack of gum in the cup holders, lots of stuff in the back seat, and proper plates on it. It drove really nice, I loved the size of it and the feel of it.

I went back and talked some more about things. I was 2 hours into this visit at that point and I was waning fast. I took pictures of some papers I couldn’t take with me, and the papers I could I took. They only had one Kona coming in the spring/summer, it would be black, and would come in May. If I wanted to wait until the summer to buy like I had planned, I would need to order a 2023 from the factory and wouldn’t have it until September/October.

It took an hour and a half to get home! Oh my gosh I was so hungry and tired and exhausted by the time I reached home. I left my house at 7:50 am and returned at 12:30pm. It was a long time. So I had lunch and then called my regular insurance company. I got a quote for insurance on a lease. I added a clause that said if I totalled the car within 2 years they would just replace it. And my monthly payments were about $10 less than my monthly bus pass.

I was hooked! But still kind of in this la la land of the idea of having a car in a month! And not having to take the bus! And not having to spend an HOUR AND A HALF getting home from a place that would take 15 minutes to drive to using the highway. And having to wait in the rain and the snow for buses that are always late and unreliable and having to then spend more money on Uber for places and using uber to order food when I’m sick or tired and don’t want to go out and having to cart so much back and forth on the bus and having to think ahead to things of when and where I want to go. And not really wanting to go out and do things because I don’t want to bus places, and not getting more library books because I don’t want to walk there after work or on the weekends, and and and and.

So in order to clear my heard, I went to the gym. I did a hard 50 minutes on the treadmill, and 10 on the elliptical and then I went home and showered. And after ALL OF THAT, I still wanted this. So I texted the sales lady and said I wanted to lease it. She had already gone home and she said to just email her and the manager. So I did. I said I’d do the deposit during my prep on Monday and be in after work to finish up the rest. The manager replied saying he told the other salespeople that it was sold and they would hold it for me until Monday and he understood that I was a teacher and couldn’t come until end of day.

And then I started thinking that the print out the dealership gave me had info for BUYING the brand new car. The payments per month were $366, a loan at 3.99% for 84 months. And fully warranty cos it’s a brand new car! And I wouldn’t have to return the car and I wouldn’t have to be careful about the km usage. And if there happened to be a small scratch or ding, whatever it’s my car.

I woke up at 1am coughing and couldn’t get this off my mind. And while I was awake for the next three hours, I kept thinking. I text my dad a bunch, and my one friend, took a rapid test. And when I woke up I still wanted to buy it. I called the insurance company when I got to work and they adjusted the quote and it’s $2 less a month to buy than lease.

I struggled with the choice all day. Then I got to the dealership and I pulled up the picture of the print-out on my phone and said “is this to buy it?” And the lady said “yes” and I said “I want that instead, can I change my mind?” and she said “yes of course!”

So I made a deposit and I did the financing thing and I left and I will have a new car May 9-11th ish!!



Thanks for coming on this journey with me haha.

I’m very excited.

And apparently, I only buy cars in April – my first one for my 25th birthday 10 years ago. My second in 2014. And now this one!

AAAAHHHHHHH I HAVE A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS CAR!!!!

Once I get it, I decided that I will start dating again. It will make things easier and safer and open me up to more potential matches. And it gives me time to talk to my hook up buddy who I only hooked up with once a month ago because he’s too busy to have hook ups, and see where he is at because he seemed like he wanted more but if he does he needs to step it up.

Thank you for reading 🙂

20 thoughts on “Is it summer yet?

  1. Be careful with the small print. My co worker leases a pickup and has very strict limitations on miles he can travel. Also, he purchased wear and tear insurance on it, since he planned on using the flatbed. He didn’t read the fine print, and the wear and tear insurance reads like an apocalyptic warranty. It covered extreme disasters and not scratches and dents.

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  2. I was reading and so worried you were going to lease. Many pitfalls in there but wow, didn’t expect you to finish the story saying you were buying a brand new car!! Awesome, T. Best b’day pressie you could give yourself. I’ve been a bit awol lately so I think I missed the story of your brother. Will have to try and catch up over Easter (we get a 4 day weekend).

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