Sunday Scribblings #100

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is farm.

Both my parents grew up on farms, and one of my dad’s brothers eventually took over their family farm and kept it running after their parents passed.

This farmhouse was pretty spectacular. It had amazing stained glass windows at the front, overlooked the main road and you could see the water on the horizon, had an enclosed porch, an amazing country lane and all the farmland around it.

Just look at that view!!

Anyway, if you go up the stairs to the second floor, there was a room right at the top of the stairs. Every time I would go upstairs, I would RUN past this door. It was open, or maybe it didn’t have a door on the frame? I’m not sure. But that room always gave me such a creepy feeling! And to this day I am convinced that it was haunted by the ghost of one, or both, of my grandparents.

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