#AtoZchallenge : E

When I was a teenager, I used to love Eeyore. I’m not sure why exactly. But I do remember that I had a lot of Eeyore mugs from the Disney store, and then a plushy stuffed Eeyore which was still in VERY good condition at Christmas because I took it out of my keepsake box and left it at my parents’ place. I couldn’t close the lid and why was I keeping this stuffed animal? From when I was 18? As a 34-year-old? Who knows?!

18 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge : E

  1. I love Eeyore!!!
    He’s so cute!!!!

    It’s funny but every once in a while this fact comes up into mind.. too often that I’d like to admit!
    But did you know, that each of the main characters were written to depict mental illness?
    Like Pooh has an Eating Disorder, Piglet- Anxiety, Tigger-ADHD, Rabbit-OCD, and Eeyore’s is obvious isn’t it!

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