#AtoZchallenge : D

Yes, I know technically Dory is a Pixar character, but ya know what? She’s included in my Disney+ subscription so I’m gonna say that it counts!

I didn’t watch Finding Nemo in theatres. But I was gifted the DVD from my brother for either Christmas or my birthday one year. I watched it once and then decided that I didn’t like it (stupid teenage me!) and then promptly gave it away to someone else. So yeah…I was that kind of sister as a teen lol

20 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge : D

  1. Finding Nemo is the only movie I’ve ever seen in the theaters twice! Once during a daycare field trip and again with my family during a beach vacation when the weather wasn’t cooperating. I was/still am fascinated with the quality of the animation.

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    • Its kinda a big thing in my family, I dont like gifts that will sit around and do nothing. So if I dont like something, I will regift or donate to charity. Once my mom knit me a scarf/hat/mitten set in thin yarn which wouldnt keep me warm, a hat too snug for my wig, and in a colour I would never wear. And when she says “if.you dont like it I will keep it here” so i left it and then it was a huge fight.


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