The Return of the Evil Landlord

And I almost missed it!!

A week before I moved out of my last room in Toronto, I filed a complaint against my landlord there with the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB). I filed for 3 main reasons:

  1. Entering my unit illegally
  2. interfering with the reasonable enjoyment of the space
  3. Not provided essential services within the home (specifically electricity)

I have waited and waited for a reply and a hearing date. I even used my brother’s address as my mailing address since I was moving close to him so if the notice was in the mail, it wouldn’t go to the house in Toronto, as I am in Ottawa. I know that the last tenant to file with the LTB used the house address and his notice was sent to the house. Which the landlord took when she collected the mail and he never saw as he had already left the premises as well.

My friend was being taken to the LTB by her old landlord (mine before this horrible lady) for unpaid rent and she got her notice in her mail and had her hearing date already. I have been OBSESSIVELY checking spam and my inbox for my notice since January when she found out. She had at least 6-8 weeks to prepare for her hearing date.

Anyway, so I was on my lunch yesterday and checking my email and there was this weird one that said *lots of numbers* Evidence. And it was from a paralegal’s office.

The landlord I filed against has hired herself a paralegal! Our notice of the date for our hearing had gone out and I didn’t get it, or I missed it, I’m not sure! So last night was the last day to exchange evidence for the hearing. Her paralegal just sent the complaint that I filed. I emailed back asking if a hearing date had been set because I was not notified. ITS APRIL 7TH!!!!!

Her paralegal has asked to reschedule the date since he also has something on that day and he might not be able to make the hearing if it’s not dealt with in a timely manner, so I agreed. Especially since it’s less than a week away and I am not prepared for the hearing! He even sent a photo of the first page of the original hearing notice. Basically, you go into the zoom link at 9am and you wait until it’s your turn.

So his office will be petitioning to have a different date set for the hearing and will also have them copy me on the email and advise the LTB to update their contact for me as I was not served notice of the first hearing date.

I’m not going to hire myself a paralegal. I have nothing to lose in this situation. I owe her nothing. I have petitioned to have her return all my rent from the 11 months that I spent there, and also asked the LTB to not allow her to continue to be a landlord. I’m not sure if they have that power, but I would love for it to happen. She is a horrible landlord and from every other person who lived in that house, she rents to newcomers to the country who had little money and no knowledge of our systems and what their rights are. It’s really very sad.

So that will be coming up shortly I hope! I haven’t heard from the other paralegal since I sent my evidence. It’s pages upon pages of emails and texts and pictures and personal notes with exact dates of what she was doing so I think I have a strong case against her. I’m not sure if I will get any money back, but I would love it if I did. We all know I’m saving for a car (ALMOST THERE) and if I get the full amount from this case, I could pay off my last student loan in full instead of monthly payments for the next 6 years.

14 thoughts on “The Return of the Evil Landlord

    • Who knows! But like when your tenanta have no power to a bathroom (with no windows so there is zero light once the door is closed) and a bedroom for about 28 hours, and you just say “the tenants with the breaker box are out of town”, thats SO ILLEGAL. Get your butt in your car and come and fix it!!! UGH. I can’t wait for this hearing. I will be EXTRA vigilant now looking for anything that could remotely be from the LTB


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