Nail Art: Coffee

I am loving the sun and warmer weather lately!

And of course my nails needed to reflect that! I was supposed to do dice for my uncle’s boyfriend but I wasn’t happy with any of the designs that I found so I decided against it and went with a cute coffee theme instead. I have a stamping plate that I wanted to try out so it was perfection!

Also, this week I had a new bottle of gel matte top coat delivered, thankfully it was from Amazon and enough time had passed that I got a free prime trial and had fast delivery on it. It’s from Modelones which is a brand I know of but had never tried. Let me tell you, I love this matte top coat!! It went on sooooo smooth and no streaks and at the time of writing this (3 hours after I did my nails) its amazing!!

Here is how they turned out!

And I was feeling it enough to make a video!

I am in love with this look!! The matte is adorable! The stamps transferred so well! And I love the colours that I picked out as well!!

Come back in two weeks for Easter and/or birthday nails!!

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