Sunday Scribblings #98

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is scribble.

In my class, one of my biggest hurdles to get over (aside from all of the exceptionalities squished into the tiny bodies of my students) is that a few of them scribble. Like hardcore just will not colour anything, they will just pick one colour and scribble all over the pictures that they are supposed to be colouring.

We had a lesson on different types of lines and I gave the kids a piece of paper with 9 different squares on it, and I gave them a ruler. I also had the same paper taped to the black board and a ruler. For the first square we used the ruler to draw lines up and down in the first box. Then diagonal. We did curly lines and wavey lines. All sorts of lines.

I walk around as the students are filling the last row of boxes with whatever sort of lines that they wanted, and I stop at one desk and look down. In each square is just a mass of scribbles. Like the student just put their pencil in the middle of the box and drew circles over circles over circles. And they are the same student who will never want to finish a colour/cut/paste. “My hand hurts and I just don’t have the energy to do this” Um yes you do, let’s go.

I hope that over the next 3 months I will be able to get all my students to the place where they are no longer scribbling and that they are all making beautiful pictures!

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