So it’s been a while…

This is what happens when I have to work.

When I work, I don’t blog unless I have scheduled posts ahead of time lol so let’s have a very quick catch up shall we?

The Wedding: It was very beautiful! My brother was so handsome and he was nervous!! I was in the front row beside my parents and like he was grasping onto his wife’s hands pretty strongly LOL poor guy. I got to see my brother’s best friend who is like a brother to me, he was the best man (her mom was the maid of honor), my brother’s old roommates and high school friends were there as well. It was a small wedding, about 35ish all total. My parents were lovely, my dad was the hit of the event. Everyone always loves to say how cute he is, and it’s true. He’s adorable and the absolute best! He has a bit of a cold/virus this weekend so thoughts for his stubbornness that he will actually rest and take it easy LOL Just as an aside, I was the only person not in black or white. I was in a navy blue lace fit and flare, with red lips and a red clutch. I looked pretty amazing, and loved all the compliments all night long. It started at 3, photos from 3:30-5 which included all the guests, and then dinner from 5-6. At around 5:45ish, all 4 parents gave speeches, thank goodness my dad went last because he talked for like 10 minutes LOL then the bride/groom said their thank yous and told us to enjoy the cake and that they were leaving. Which they did! They were changed and in their car on their way to drive to their honeymoon shortly after 6. Overall it was a lovely event and I’m happy for my brother even though now my new sister in law is so basic and blah. But whatever, he’s happy.

Work: We just finished the first week back after March Break. On the 21st masks are no longer mandatory in schools in classrooms (but in the halls/bathrooms they are) but since my school is a private school we are keeping them and the screening process until May 1st. So far, no complaints from parents. Which is good! Because so many of our students travelled for the break and at least two families have now tested positive for covid as a result. We also started pizza days this week and Friday swimming!! Which means my Friday afternoon is SOOOOO easy! Lunch, then French which is my prep, then bathroom break, then swimming, then cash-in and home! SOOOO EASY! Yesterday I got changed during my prep and was walking around with my jeans over my swimsuit and then my swim suit top without my sweater over it. I have a tankini so it’s modest and ok. I go to get something in my class and all I hear is “wow that’s awesome!” I look up and the ENTIRE class of students and all the adults are looking at me and the student who spoke repeated “You look awesome Miss GF! Those stripes are cool!” So apparently I look awesome in my blue stripped swim suit LOL

Life: So I joined a gym over the break and I have gone three times already! I was planning on Mon/Wed/Fri but with swimming being on Fridays now at school, I just come home and do laundry right away so no gym. I’ve moved that one to Saturday or Sunday. I’m going as soon as I hit publish on this post today! I had a rental car for the wedding and now my brain is like YOU NEED A CAR RIGHT NOW!!!! So I looked at my savings account and I can totally get one now and afford it nicely, but I want to wait until the balance of my saving’s account hits $12,000. Which means I only have $3,300 left to go!! Then I split it equally into 4 different things and I will have a $3000 down payment for my car, plus $3000 left in savings, $3000 into a retirement savings account, and $3000 as a lump sum into my student debt. Maybe $2000 because I also noticed this week that the netting in my wig has ripped a little and I will need to replace it soonish. If I run a VERY tight budget I should be able to get to the $12,000 by the end of June, but it’s more likely going to be the end of July. At least there is an end in sight!! YAY!

So that’s basically my life right now! What’s new with you?!

12 thoughts on “So it’s been a while…

    • I should have joined aged ago! But better late than never haha had a lovely go on the treadmill today. I love that my fitbit tells me when I go into cardio cos I’m trying to improve my heart health.

      And thanks!! Im very excited about it! I cant wait to pick one out haha


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  2. Well, I’d like to see a picture of you in the stunning dress and why have I not been getting notified of your posts? I didn’t even see the last 3 and realized that I hadn’t heard from you in a while when I saw your comment on my recent post. I hope I didn’t get dropped from your email list! The wedding sounds fun, but quick!

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