Sunday Scribblings #97

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is storytelling.

Do you ever feel like a storyteller as a blogger? I find that, especially as a blogger who uses her blog to talk about her daily life, a lot of my posts are in the form of a “story”. I write how I would talk if I were speaking the words most of the time, but also sometimes I do add a little bit of dramatic flair to the happenings just because I have the creative license to do so on my blog. I really like that part of blogging and I enjoy writing those posts the most out of all the posts that I write! Unless it’s a Captain’s Quiz because those bring out a very different side to me and I love them the most lol.

But, have you ever had a child tell you a story? One of my students has an empty notebook in their desk because they are just 6 years old and can’t read or write unassisted. But that does not stop them from pulling it out, opening it up to a random page in the middle and telling you this long-winded fantastical story about princesses and dragons and unicorns and eventually, someone (or everyone) dies a horrible firey death. I’m not sure why there is always death in the stories, but it’s always there.

I think the stories are the best part about being a primary teacher. One student decided they wanted to be like the rest of the class and was talking about their siblings so convincingly that at pick-up after school I was talking to the child’s parents about their siblings. Since we are a private school for students with exceptionalities, it is very rare that siblings will also be attending unless they also fall into the ASD spectrum somehow. Anyway, so I was talking to the mom about these other siblings and she was SO confused, considering the fact that her child is, in fact, an only child. That was cleared up pretty quickly, but if I had just gone by what the student was saying, I would have guessed that they had multiple other siblings. Or the other student who said their mom had a new boyfriend so they had a new dad, and when we asked the mom about it, she laughed and said that her child was referring to an older adopted brother, not the mom’s non-existent new boyfriend.

Kids are hands down the best storytellers haha!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #97

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  2. I do like telling stories on my blog, or making what I post there into a sort of story. That makes it more interesting than just dry facts as I’m always writing about my family history in some form.
    When my children were small they sometimes dictated stories to me and I’d transcribe them. We still have some of the stories they made into little books.

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