Nail Art: Weddings

So the big weekend is upon us…

My brother is getting married. I would say “finally” but we all know how I feel about it and this isn’t the place to discuss it. Instead, let’s talk about NAILS!

I took a month off from doing my nails to give my natural nails some reprieve from consistently being covered in product. I knew that I wanted to have my nails done for the wedding because my plan is to look FABULOUS and that includes nails.

I struggled with the design for a little bit because I don’t want to be overly matchy matchy in my outfit but I also don’t want to be boring. The bride I feel is going to be very basic/classic and I want to be WOW.

Then it hit me! I was going to do a mix matte and glossy set, more rounded than I normally do, and have the glossy nails be glitter-filled. I had that new nail foil from Christmas that I wanted to try and this seemed like the best time to do it. I settled on black and silver since they are classic colours, will kind of go with what I’m wearing, and also fit the theme of the wedding which, if we remember from the dress code conversation, are the colours of the wedding.

About two weeks ago, I put a very short and thin layer of hybrid gel on my nails just to give them a little help growing out. By the time I got to Wednesday (when I did my nails for the wedding) 7 out of 10 nails were broken or lifting. This was fine, the natural nail was supported enough during that grow out time to give me something to work with.

So I got right into it. I built out my nails and then applied the colour. I had never used the nail foils before but have seen many videos on it. I have a little pusher stick which I bought to use on foils (a year before I even had them) and it worked ok? But ya know what, just using my finger to push it down worked even better. I don’t currently have a UV light matte topcoat, so I had to use air dry but that’s ok! IT still worked!

Here are pictures of the final product:

And, as always, here is the video!

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