A to Z Theme Reveal

UGH it’s last minute, I know you guys!!!

I made it within the reveal window this year!!

So listen, I have gone back and forth about participating or not, and then yesterday I was doing something on my laptop and remembered that a friend suggested to do Disney Characters and it just clicked that it’s what I’m gonna do! So yeah, last minute theme just like last year!

So there ya have it. This year I will post each day about a Disney character. Each post has a few sentences about the character, or maybe a story about my life that the character reminds me of. It goes a little less as the challenge goes on, but isn’t that the same for everyone?

Thankfully since I am on March Break and not working on school stuff at all this week (which might be a mistake) I was able to spend all day yesterday and get every single letter done. YUP. Topic picked and all the letters done in one day. That’s how easy this topic was! YAY

Woohoo! 7 years in a row!

10 thoughts on “A to Z Theme Reveal

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