March Break Madness

Rest is for the wicked

So maybe after doing something wicked I can have some rest?

2 days of March Break are over and here is all that I have accomplished before waking up this morning:


  • snagging 2 tickets to a museum’s free admission night, inviting my soon to be sister in law knowing full well she is too busy to go 3 days before her wedding (after spending Sunday afternoon with her and my brother)
  • going to get a new picture for my drivers license and health card since I couldn’t renew online
  • stopping at the dollar store to grab some things that were needed for wedding and school
  • wrapping wedding gift
  • calling tattoo parlour to see if they would exchange my nose pin for one that I actually like (the answer was no)
  • Going to Walmart and getting nylons for the wedding
  • confirmed my rental car for the weekend
  • found my dentist office on my outing and had to call to get directions to where the office actually is because I couldn’t see it from the street
  • found a wig shop (thankfully in the same plaza as dental appointment) I want to stop into after my dentist appointment on Thursday
  • filed my taxes (and was SHOCKED at my massive refund and have already planned for where it’s going to go in terms of savings and spending etc)
  • cooked a big dinner to have leftovers


  • tried to get on the provincial waiting list for a new doctor but that means giving up my current doctor, I guess I could since I found a new walkin clinic at the walmart right by my house so that’s ok?
  • went to chapters (a Canadian bookstore) to return a French copy of a book only to be told that there is no English version so I got a gift card with the cash for the book and bought a mini-waffle maker instead
  • slipped on ice and scrapped my hand and my pants got all wet while getting to my bus stop
  • picked out some lipstick shades for the wedding
  • joined a gym
  • scheduled two months of Paint Chip Poetry pieces

The Rest of the Week:

  • actually call and cancel my link to my current doctor because I need one in Ottawa
  • deep clean my apartment
  • do my nails
  • try out my lipstick colours and pick one to go with my makeup for the wedding
  • test out makeup options for the wedding
  • dentist appointment
  • museum trip
  • go to the gym once
  • zoom bible study with my old church in Toronto since my one friend is hosting the group on Friday
  • pick up rental car
  • groceries with the rental car
  • lunch with my parents
  • maybe hopefully seeing a friend since I will have a car and can easily get places
  • wedding
  • drive my brother’s best friend to the airport from the wedding
  • go back to work

Soooo I really don’t think that I will be getting any rest this week LOL Although I try to keep my errands to the mornings and then be home in the afternoons to at least do things here and be a little lazy and restful and binge Gilmore Girls.

10 thoughts on “March Break Madness

    • I LOVE chapters! I didnt have all day to spend there but I did walk arpund for a bit haha

      I just want a treadmill or the elliptical. At least for now. I plan to go on Friday to get a work out done since its the only day I have free before going back to work. And I need to go before going back to work or I feel like I will never go haha and this way I can bring workout clothes to work and go to the gym on my way home

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        • Yes I can go to a different doctor. But in order to get on the waiting list for a new doctor I had to give up my current one. Ontario residents can only be assigned to one doctor at a time. When I got my Toronto one, they had a sign advertising that they were accepting new patients so I just went in and had them transfer my files over. But everywhere I contact in Ottawwa to do the same will only refer me to the provincial waiting list. So I have a year on all my prescriptions left and there is a new walk-in clinic at the Walmart just a 5 minute walk from my place so I decided to just jump on it. I removed myself from my Toronto doctor’s list and then in 10 days when I get the letter in the mail I can register for the Ontario waiting list for the Ottawa area but that can take a long time so I need to keep searching myself too. But another thing that is bad is that the Ottawa doctors only keep regular business hours and I can’t make appointments during those times unless it’s a break from school. My school doesn’t have supply teachers to facilitate that. Soooo it massively sucks lol


          • Wow, I’ve never heard of a system like that. We can have as many doctors as we want at the one time (if we wanted more than one). There’s no list of who your doctor is or any restrictions. How do you get a second opinion if you can’t see a second doctor?

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            • You can have specialists but can only have one primary physician. It definitely is a little frustrating. Especially when I was so lucky to just call a place in Toronto and get on their patient list. I hope that I wont be without a doctor here for too long. Although its still impossible for me to book appointments if they dont offer anything outside of 8-4 lol


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