Monty’s Never Have I Ever

I’m a sucker for new things! So here we go!

Monty has asked us to play never have I ever. He provided an alphabet’s worth of things someone might have gotten paid to do at one point in their lives. And your goal is to find the 3 that he hasn’t been paid to do. You are allowed 5 guesses and then you make a blog post and provide some commentary for some extra points.

Let’s see how well I fair:

  1. Taste Sexual Lubricants – While I am sure that this is a job somewhere, I also feel like it’s kind of one that not a lot of people would have access to, or interest in? I’m a tad bit disgusted just thinking about it honestly LOL like sure, some lubricants are flavoured and stuff but what if you had a bad reaction to the flavouring? Or the ingredients? Or ew.
  2. Watch babies bathe – this seems like a far stretch because Monty is, in fact, a man. He has babysit on the list which I would think that most pre-teens or teenagers did in Western culture to make money and I had male babysitters growing up. But to pay a male to watch babies bathe seems like it crosses a lot of lines that people wouldn’t want to cross? I know that sounds sexist but it is what it is!
  3. Dig a ditch – Physical labour? Ew gross. There were some other more physical jobs on Monty’s list, but this one definitely stuck out as one that would be much more physically demanding and so it made the cut for things that I don’t think he’s done.
  4. run a medical plastics extrusion machine – wouldn’t you need some sort of specialized training for this? I think you might. So that’s why I chose it.
  5. jack hammer a cement floor – same as #4. I feel like you’d need specialized training to do this, especially considering the risk factor should the jack hammer slip? And also the strain on your muscles just from the vibrations of the equipment.

Those are my 5 choices from the list that Monty gave. Now let’s see how many points I get for them all! Best of luck to anyone else who decides to participate. You have until the 19th to decide and post some answers!

7 thoughts on “Monty’s Never Have I Ever

  1. The Hub has jack hammered – you can rent them here (and we needed some concrete removed) so it might be something Monty has done.

    But I am surprised by your babysitting comment. That’s not common over here. I was never babysat by a teen, nor did I ever do paid babysitting growing up. None of my friends did babysitting (or had a teen babysitter). Of all the teens I know (from the Barbarians friends) there is only 1 teen I know who babysat – and the child wasn’t really a baby, more like 8 and just needed a bit of homework supervision between 3pm and 5pm till Mum got home. Maybe that’s an American/Canadian thing?

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