Sunday Scribblings #96

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is umbrella.

One thing that I really miss about living in South Korea is the culture around umbrellas. They use umbrellas for literally every single season and I wish that we would adopt this here in the West.

Of course, you have your standard rain umbrella, which also doubles as a snow umbrella. Because what South Korean person wants to spend so much time on their hair only to have the snow ruin it?! No one, that’s who.

Then you have the oversized umbrellas. These are most useful during the monsoon season. In my first year in South Korea, I got one of these beauties. It was amazing! SOOOOOO big but light, a push-button open and close, cute colours with dolka dots. It was just the best. I was gutted when I couldn’t fit it into my luggage to bring home because it was too long and didn’t fit.

And lastly, you have sun umbrellas. I got one of these during my second year in South Korea. It’s this cute pink foldable fabric umbrella and has been sprayed with UVA and UVB spray to help keep you from the sun’s rays and tanning. This one I have in my apartment still and I like to use it in the summer, but as a white person living in the West, it’s sometimes awkward to be walking around with it? Or at least I feel awkward.

In addition to having amazing umbrellas, there are also the umbrella stands. In every office or place of work, there is a container by the door to leave your umbrella. I could walk into Starbucks, see the cylinder by the door, leave my umbrella there for an hour or so and it would be still be there when I went to leave. In other establishments, like malls or things, there were plastic sleeves for the umbrellas at the door. It was amazing! Then your umbrella was inside a plastic bag, and not dripping everywhere while you shopped or had lunch at a restaurant. And of course, there was also a garbage bin attached to this bag dispensing thing and when you left you just get to drop the bag into the garbage and out ya go!


I made a post about this when I was living in South Korea but that was so long ago and I don’t feel the need to go and find it. And also, I think that the pictures no longer work, so what’s the point haha!

I wish all these things were common in the West. Such good ideas!

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