Or in fact none.

Okies so to follow up on yesterday’s post: ya girl got dumped and it was a SHOCK.

Writing this Thursday night is good cos I’m no longer weepy and sad. I went to work yesterday morning and my coworker brought me a DELICIOUS 6 pack of donuts (my brother says they are like mega famous in town). And I got lots of love and support from my work friends.

But at lunch he decides to send me a reel on Instagram. Like excuse me? Did you not just break up with me? Why are you sending me instagram reels like we are friends?

After work, I wanted to know if/when I’d be getting my stuff back so this exchange happened:

So context: last Friday I took apple crisp over. In a 9×9 pan and it was 3/4 full when I left Saturday. So he sent his 8×8 pan home with me thinking it was the same size. But once I got home I realized it wasn’t. But I didnt mind cos I could just take it the next time and switch again.

Anyway so I wanted my pan back. It matches my set. Which was a gift from my brother. And I needed my little kit with stay-over things like a brush and toothbrush and other things.

Then I was just sitting and watching Gilmore Girls and I hear steps on the stairs come down and then almost immediately go back up. Weird but sometimes the guy who lives across the hall does that.

Then he texts

“you home?”


Then he called. “Are you home?”


“Well can you open the door…”

Cut him off to say “sure” and I hung up. I put on my shoes and grab his baking dish and head out the door. And I open the door and

I take my pic and go back inside. Now at this point I am literally enraged! I block and delete him on Instagram. And then this exchanged happen:

And then blocked him on my phone before he could reply. Part of me wishes I got to read any response he gave to the above message but I know it wouldn’t have made any difference.

So thats the most closure I’m ever going to have. This is not the same guy I was dating, so I’m glad it all came out now instead of later down the road. It doesn’t change the fact that I am just so angry in this moment!! UGH

12 thoughts on “Closure

  1. Geez, obviously the “opening weeks” were an act that he couldn’t maintain. You are better off without him now you’ve seen his true character, but that doesn’t change the hurt. I am glad you got your pan back though. (((Hugs)))

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  2. Jack did some weird stuff when we were going through our very rock past. But after we got together he told me he knew I was hurt and he had no idea what to say and how to deal with it. So he was cowardly in the way he went about certain things – like returning some of my belongings which had ended up in his room. He was very weird around me, and it made things harder for me. I am so glad that we did not get together back then, because neither of us were ready for the challenges we had around us. I am so glad that we did cross paths years later when the timing was right and we had both learnt a lot about ourselves.

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