The Curse of the Blog

Legit every SINGLE time!

So thank you all for your love and support from my post on Sunday about hitting one month with my boyfriend. I stopped posting when dates were going well because there is this thing that usually happens and I’m like “yesss amazing first date” and then poof he disappears.

And last night my boyfriend broke up with me, so thanks for the continued cursing of my love life.

He had grown quiet for a few days, said a small comment Tuesday night, then Wednesday I asked if we could talk about it cos I wanted to make sure we were ok, and he said we weren’t and it’s too late to talk because the flame was gone. And no he wouldn’t come over to talk because “nothing will come of it. I’m telling you its too late”

That’s all the explanation I get apparently.

27 thoughts on “The Curse of the Blog

    • Lol not all of them, but this one is definitely being pushed into that category. I’ve asked when he’s going to drop my stuff and once he does that will be the end of it. If it doesnt happen, next weekend I have a car and I will just go there myself. I dont want to uber there/back (and it would have to be one trip cos uber doesnt pick up in Gatineau) or over an hour bus ride. No thank you. Haha

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  1. Oh no, T. That’s super horrible. How dare he treat you like that after the conversations you’ve had and … grrr, just angry for you now. And sending you the biggest hugs (if I wasn’t an ocean away I’d come by with chocolate.

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