Nail Art: Rebuild

Okies so I have lied to all of you…

I was going to wait another two weeks to do my nails, giving them a nice 5 week break from product but I couldn’t hold out any more!! Its been 3 weeks and I needed them back!

My guy says he likes the natural ones better, but this is something I love so hes gonna have to deal haha. I didnt mention that I redid them and I’m just going to wait to see how long until he notcies.

I tried to use the new builder gel I got at Christmas and it was not easy to work with and I couldn’t make a proper nail, so I drilled it off the one nail I tested it out on and switched back to my hybrid gel that I’m used to.

The only thing is that there was no nail edge to work with. I had to keep my nails as short as possible while they were growing out. They kept ripping and splitting and it was not fun.

So I did the shortest, thinnest application I could.

Since it was a full rebuild, all the nails were ugh but since they are so short I don’t really care. They are better than the natural ones haha!

I put one thin coat of nude on them and then tried to clean out all the gunk under the nail from the building and filing. It was a lot of dust and chunks of product. While doing that, one nail just completely chipped. I don’t blame it. There was nothing there for the poor nail to hold onto for stability! But I wasn’t going to fix it so I just broke it off (easy peasy like semi dry playdough) and filed the edge. I left the base so that it can grow out and I will have an edge in two weeks.

Over all they are cute and short and I am excited to have them back again.

6 thoughts on “Nail Art: Rebuild

  1. My nails grow pretty fast and I don’t usually do anything fancy with them. Well yesterday I ordered some polish & nail art stickers. I have even been watched YouTube videos on how to make cool designs.

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