Sunday Scribblings #95

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is dentist.

I actually don’t mind the dentist. Growing up I went to this fantastic one, and if I still lived in the area I would still be a client there. My brother actually is still a client there even though he hasn’t lived in the city full time since 2005. But he just makes his appointments around his trips to see friends or my parents and it works for him. But not me. I left in 2017 when I was in Toronto.

Now the thing that really bothers me currently is that Ottawa dentists are not like Toronto dentists for one main reason: office hours.

It’s actually quite annoying. Toronto dentists will have office hours outside of regular “work hours”. Most will be open until 5 or 6, some even going until 8pm. And a vast majority will even have weekend appointments! The dentist I had in Toronto was open 7 days a week. The hygienists worked these hours, and the actual dentist split his time between two practices so if you needed to see him, you had to make sure you were booked on a specific day but that was all good.

In Ottawa, most dentist offices are 8-4. This is super awesome for people who work office jobs and can be like “hey I’m taking a long lunch to go to the dentist” or “I’ve gotta leave at 3 instead of 4 today” or “I’ll be an hour late coming in”.

But for a teacher, who works at a school that doesn’t have supply teachers, I can’t do that. So I am basically left wondering how on earth I’m ever going to get a cleaning done. I will try to book for March Break with one of the few places around me, but it’s just this added layer of stress because even just to call to book an appointment, I have to do that AT work. Since I am never home when they are open in order to call. Same with doctors. Trying to find a new doctor is a headache and a half as well since some places will accept new patients without the provincial list, and some won’t. And almost all the places around me are 8-4 like the dentists. It’s a little ridiculous.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #95

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  2. They don’t have online booking? Most places here (especially since covid) have added online as a booking option. Dentists here don’t work the Toronto hours, although there are some that will open for a half day on Saturday (our old dentist did that, but our new one doesn’t).

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    • I did a google search after posting and was able to book an appointment as a new patient with a place close by with good reviews. So I picked a time slot during march break! They will respond in a day or so to confirm I think

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