A Social Experiment

Public Transit Edition

I am the type of person who likes to thank others for things that they do. If I go to the store and a person is ringing up my items for paying, I say thank you when I leave. I say thank you at restaurants so many times it might even be annoying. But I have worked in the service industry in a few different jobs and I know that a simple thank you can make or break a worker’s day.

One thing that I also like to do is to thank bus drivers for driving me. I thank uber drivers and taxi drivers, so why not bus drivers?

On my morning commute, I have had a few really sweet middle-aged men who are the drivers on the bus route that I take. One time, before I switched to the early bus, the driver of the early bus saw me and he waited at the corner for me because he recognized my earmuffs from down the street. He opened the doors and beeped the horn quietly and I hustled to get on it. It was so sweet.

The guy who drives the route now always says good morning. I get picked up at 7:18 so it’s still pretty early. I’ve started saying good morning now too! It’s really nice!

But one thing that I like to do is to say thank you when I get off the bus. I used to do it from the front doors, but then I noticed something. One day a different lady got off a few stops before, and she waved goodbye to the driver. Then the guy who got off at the next stop did the same thing and said thank you. The next person who got off said thank you too!!!! So that day, instead of walking to the front door to say thank you when I got off, I used the middle door and said thank you (hopefully) loud enough for the driver to hear it.

So here is my thinking: did that lady start a chain reaction? Did her wave ripple down to the others who were exiting the bus? I really hope so!

Now I will say thank you from the back door and hope that it offers the same trickle-down reaction and that others getting off the bus will remember to say thank you before they get off the bus. Of course, I will never know if my experiment will work, since I only say it when I am getting off the bus. But I hope that it works! At least for a few stops, or for a few people who normally wouldn’t have thought to say thank you.

6 thoughts on “A Social Experiment

  1. I always wonder at people who don’t say thank you. I mean, it’s no hardship to utter two little words, and yet many people don’t.Taking the second to say it can make someone else’s day much better. I hope your experiment works πŸ™‚

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    • Hehe well the other day I was leaving and this girl was behind me and I said thank you and she turned and said it too. Today, same girl getting off, I got off at the front doors and said thank you directly to the driver and then the girl from the back door still said thank you!!


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