Channillo Update

It’s been 2.5 years of posts!

My first post was June 1st, 2019. Now I have three series on the site. Currently, I have been posting my paint chip poetry there. The actual poems, while just posting the colours here on my blog.

I have to say that I’m a little underwhelmed by my Channillo experience. My three series hit various different genres (a dating romance thing, a nanny do’s and don’t’s , and now the poetry) but after 2.5 years I have never been able to cash out once.

I emailed them on Sunday and asked them to close all my series and cash out. To cash out you need $50 in each series. They replied and said that I was allowed to close and delete the series at any time, but any unpaid monies would be forfeited. My dating series has about $37 in it, my nanny one about $10ish? And my poetry one less than a dollar. I was hoping that they would combine them but that’s not allowed.

So I have chosen to close my account and delete my content from the site.

I’m a little upset that I won’t be earning anything from it, but also it’s just an added stress that I don’t want or need. I have too much stress as it is and trying to keep up the posts there and remember to promote it is too much work for me. Some people have the social networks to really boost their stats on the site, but I don’t and I think it’s about time that I give it up.

For those who are participating in Paint Chip Poetry, fear not! I will continue to post them here on the blog. I have taken the poems from the Channillo site and will edit the upcoming posts. Please don’t expect much from them. I wrote March’s poems over Christmas and my heart was not in it. I think they are horrible. But I think that the ones coming after, since it will just be for my blog, will be much better.

I might change how I do the poems, but I liked the challenge within the rules that I had placed on myself. We will see.

I hope that you all will enjoy reading my poems here on NLFF and that they will inspire you to take part and write your own!

8 thoughts on “Channillo Update

  1. I’m sorry it wasn’t the experience you hoped it would be. But you definitely don’t need the added stress and time it was obviously requiring. Take care of you first! xx

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  2. Yay to continuing the paint chip poetry series in your blog (and I finally get to see your creations)! You were much more patient with Channillo than I was. I think I lasted 4 or five months before giving in.

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