Golden Shovel No. 04

Another collaborative poem!

Peeps and Meeps, have you heard of Monty? He runs this Golden Shovel thing every week, and while I am not really the poet, I do enjoy the challenge of it.

Each week Monty will give us a line from a poem. You must take those words and use them, in order, as the last word in each line of a poem that you write. It’s a challenge sometimes but I like it.

The sky is blue, or the rain falls with its spills of pearl.”

Mary Oliver “Spring”

And here is my creation, Monsoon Love

As I lay looking up, scanning across the
vastness that is the upward sky,
I can’t help but wonder, what is?
What is the reason for your eyes so blue?
What is it that I did or
didn’t do to make you leave the
love that I had been showering like rain
upon your heart and soul, like water as it falls
in sheets during monsoons with
no protection from the force of its
downward spills
now replaced by the overflowing of
my tears, the size of pearls

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