It’s funny how, now, 2 years into this pandemic, is the only time that I am actually concerned about touching my face.

When Covid first started and all the “don’t touch your face” memes came out, I thought it was a little silly. They were all people at home trying to not touch their face. Like you are at your house, wash your hands and you’re ok.

But now, with my new piercing, I am finding it SO hard not to actually touch my nose. And it’s not even on purpose. It’s not to fiddle with my piercing either. I am pretty good at leaving it alone and letting it heal on its on. However, if I go to wash my face, I have to very carefully not touch that side of my nose, or putting on lotion, or even just pushing up my glasses and my hand just naturally falls and grazes that side of my nose?

It has been driving me insane! HAHA

So two years into the pandemic and I am just now starting to pay attention to how much I touch my face… I’m a slow starter apparently.

3 thoughts on “STOP

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