Sunday Scribblings #93

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is muffin.

Ok, so let’s get one thing straight – the muffin top is the only good part of the muffin. Yeah, I said it!

I will always break off the top of the muffin and eat it first. I know I should wait and leave it until the very end so I have the best part for last, but I just can’t help myself. I love it too much!

There are even these baking tins that are “muffin top” pans. And you put your muffin batter onto the flat surface and all you get are the tops!!!

It’s beautiful!

I do enjoy muffins sometimes but usually just as a snack. But don’t make them often because I don’t have this pan haha.

What is your favourite part of the muffin?

15 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #93

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  2. I’m a top…a muffin top guy, to be more specific. But I appreciate the bottom for holding up the top and being there to provide support. It can’t be easy to always be under the deliciously crumbly top and knowing you’ll never be one yourself.

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  3. We have these pans here; I think they’re to bake Yorkshire puddings. I never thought of using them to make muffins tops, but it sounds like a genius idea!

    I bake ‘healthy’ oatbran and honey muffins almost every week for snacks, but I’ll occasionally make a batch of delicious bakery-style chocolate chips muffins with perfect tops… I might bake the next batch in my Yorkshire pudding pan! πŸ˜‹

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