Saturday Morning Round-Up

Alright people, let’s get right to this thing!

I am giving myself an hour to blog this morning and I have about 5 posts to write haha so let’s see how this actually goes!

Since my chiropractor on Tuesday, my hip had released and is settling down nicely. It’s still a little tender but I have full mobility and that’s wonderful.

Work is finally settling down a bit. Report cards and alternative reports went home on Wednesday. Friday was a PD Day and since I am salaried it was a paid day for me. I had to go in but had an appointment in the afternoon and left at 12:45. We had a staff meeting and I scrubbed the foam carpet mats. Yup, that’s all I did haha. But it was WORTH IT! If you don’t follow me on Instagram and would like to see the transformation, please click through these pictures. My arms were killing me by the end of the night but it only took an hour to get it all done.

After work I was FINALLY able to get my nose pierced! I am not loving the pin that I picked out. It sits WAY too high off my nose. I have my pin from the other times that I pierced my nose and I will change it as soon as possible. The guy who did my piercing was amazing and explained everything as we went but said I can’t change it for 3-6 months. But listen here – this is the THIRD time I have done this. The first time it was with a ring, and my parents refused to let me have a ring and the guy was like “I can change it as soon as 48 hours”. So you better believe that 48 hours later we were back at the tattoo parlor and it was switched out for a pin. The second time, same guy, same thing. I got it done with a ring (it’s super easy that way) and then I changed it MYSELF with my dad’s pliers when I decided I didn’t want a ring anymore. My dad did have to help me. What an awesome dad/daughter bonding experience THAT was lol So I’m thinking that this will not be lasting for the whole 3 months. I really really hate how it is so elevated. And I don’t want to have that sticking out in my brother’s wedding photos. I know how to change it myself, it’s so easy. So I might just wait a month (cos his wedding is 4 weeks from tomorrow) and then just do it myself.

The pin itself is really neat. So I’m used to one long shaft. This is actually in two pieces!! The gem is on a VERY thin post, and then there is a post that goes into your nostril and is hollow with a flat disc on the bottom. It goes in the nostril, the gem and thin post goes in from the outside and they slip into each other and that’s how it works. So neat! I still hate how thick the gem is lol

In wedding news, it’s in 29 days. I have the gift, I have my outfit picked out, I have a car rented. It’s all good.

In work news: violent girl was taken out of the class and thinks it’s a prize for having her birthday. Legit no one told her for about a week that this was a punishment. How did this even happen?!?! She is constantly saying that she loves it out of the classroom and doesn’t want to ever go back into the class. So…yeah…that’s great…. We have a new student who is now showing his true colours and his parents want to have EA support dropped but like the dude hit me about 50 times (literally) on Thursday so that’s not going to happen. The hits weren’t hard or malicious, he just stood in front of me where I was blocking him and had his arms at my sides and just hit me over and over. More like taps haha

My fake nails have been off for a week so far and I am not enjoying that either. My nails actually hurt? I told one of the parents at work that because she noticed and she said that she had the same thing when she took off her acrylics. So I’m trying not to be too freaked out by it but it is not fun in this moment.

I am hating the Ottawa busses this week. Not coming, it being WAY too cold. Plus the whole occupation thing is finally being broken up by the authorities which affects transit as well. But I will more than gladly deal with a few days of weird bus schedules if the people downtown are finally forced to leave. The police started their approach yesterday, and when I stopped watching the news around 8 had made significant gains, over 100 arrests, had taken children from protestors because it’s illegal to have a minor down there now that the emergency measures act has been enacted. Video uploaded from protestors show them basically using the kids as pawns in the middle of a HUGE group of protestors, almost baiting the police to try anything because they had kids in the middle there. Crying children. Terrified children! Surrounded by a group of adults who refused to let the kids out of the circle, who were then surrounded by police trying to push back the line. LIKE WHAT?! I am outraged! I’m glad these arrests are finally happening. It’s been too long. This is ridiculous.

Honestly, that’s really all there is for me right now! I will be trying to catch up on some posts for this week, but now sure how many I will be able to get done. So if I usually participate in your things, those are getting done first! Watch out for them!

14 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Round-Up

  1. Geez. Our protests were mostly broken up because things were enforced here and people made to move on. From around 15,000 people, it’s down to just a few thousand and they are fragmented. Hopefully they won’t be around too much longer – the weather will sort them out, autumn in a week and they are all camping here. They reckon they aren’t going until vax mandates etc are removed, but they have no idea what a Canberra winter is like, lol.

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  2. I saw the kids thing on the news… These people have no moral compass. It’s incredible! I’ll sound very mean and amoral myself, but I have to admit… I was not sad to see one of the ‘protesters’ being rammed by a horse. It was kind of deserved I think. Protest or not, you should know to get out of the way of an animal that can weight near a ton!

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    • RIGHT?! One protestor was talking to the news being all “they hit us with their horse, we are going to sue. What is the city/government going to do about it?” Legit nothing. You were given THREE WEEKS of warnings to leave, you knew the mounted unit was coming in, you saw them in front of you, they were doing their job to deescalate the crowd before it got violent, and you didn’t get out of the way of a massive animal trained to go through crowds. Like come on. Such a sad moment for Canadian history. The news is also saying that they know this isn’t going to be over. And I agree. People are fed up with the mandates and all that and Ontario has had some of the strictest mandates in all of Canada (and the US I heard) but this was not the way to get an end to it. Especially with the nazi and confederate fractions in the crowd.


      • I totally agree! I understand that people are fed up with lockdowns and other more restrictive measures, but asking truckers who regularly cross international borders (or healthcare workers who come in contact with vulnerable people) to get vaccinated is really nothing outlandish! Same with masks. How do they think that literally shitting on war memorials on the 6 o’clock news and pissing off everyone with their horns is going to help their cause?!


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