A bit of Calm

And boy, do I ever need it!

So the last two weeks have been insane. Like insane insane!

Report cards were due at work on the 8th which meant that I wrote all the comments and everything the weekend before and emailed them off to my principal. I did it in a google doc page since I didn’t have the template when I started and then I just kept using the same google doc to type thinking it would be easier to edit.

Because my principal wants to edit EVERY SINGLE COMMENT. And I love the support and wanting to make sure that the report cards are up to a specific language but like it’s a lot. At first I didn’t mind it, for the progress reports in November but now it’s just like this extra thing to have to do when I’ve written report cards before and honestly I don’t really care if the words “science and technology” are capitalized or not. Does it really matter? I don’t think so.

So last week I had to have zoom calls 3 times after work to get that done. Then it’s the alternative report cards. And then once that was all done I have to copy and paste the report card comments into the template and print them. So I did. But then the formatting was off and I had to go back in and format and reprint them all. And then I missed changing initials of students to their actual name when I copy and pasted so today I was re-editing and re-printing and re-signing.

And one IEP needed to be fixed because there was a section missing. We just didn’t do it in the fall and my principal wanted it added so that had to be done.

And a new student started last week.

And the violent student is LOVING being removed from the class and says they never want to go back.

AND on top of all of that, I woke up Saturday with a little bit of hip pain. Sunday I woke up and could barely move, it took 10 minutes to get my sock on, lots of tears and pain, so I was in my chiropractor’s office last night trying to get it released.

It’s legit just been such a hectic and busy two weeks. This week is a 4 day week – Friday is a PD day. Teacher’s have to be at work since it’s a paid day either way. So I’m at work until noon. I have an appointment in the afternoon which I booked because it’s the PD Day. So Friday is a half day for me, and then Monday is a holiday. I am so excited for this time off because I need it.

I think after the news I will just spend the rest of the night watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and being as still and quiet as possible haha.

13 thoughts on “A bit of Calm

    • Lol yeaaahhh it was just a lot. I have a plan to make the next round of reports in June to go much smoother. Ive never had to deal with such an involved principal with reports.

      This weekend will definitely have all those vibes!


  1. Hope you are having fun on your days off. I don’t know how I missed this post except that on Wednesday I was taking my daughter to two doctor visits after her jaw surgery so was pretty busy all day myself, but not like your days! Anyway, just checking in because I was used to getting a post from you every day and wanted to make sure everything was okay :). Have a great rest of your weekend!

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