Nail Art: Naked Nails

Like really really naked this time!

Guys, if you can believe it, it’s been a solid year and a half without any real hiccups in my nails. My application has been good and I haven’t had to take off nails due to air bubbles or cracking or lifting. Once or twice one nail here or there has popped off but it’s not like it was in the summer of 2020. But since the fall of 2020, it’s been really really good!

But that also means that it’s been about 18 months of product being on my nails. And since I am an amateur and have not been trained on this, I was getting maybe a little concerned about the state of my nails under my fake nails. Especially since about a month ago, there was a legit hole in one of my nails haha. Like my natural nail. Which I put there by accident but the nail bed was super soft so I just wanted to check in with the other nails.

I decided that this was a great time to take them off. Really take them off. All of it. It gives me a solid 5 weeks until my brother’s wedding for them to be nice and clean and naked and then I want to try the new product I got in my advent calendar to see if I can get a thinner fake nail. It’s gel instead of a hybrid gel. I’ve never used anything like it before but I hope I can get the hang of it quickly.

I took them off on Saturday and they feel really weird but at least the nail beds were healthy and it turned out really really great.

And of course, the video if you’re interested!

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