Shedding Some Light

I just had to share

I’ve written before on my own personal struggles with faith and sexuality and how, as an adult, these things still weigh heavily on my heart and in my mind. Even though I am constantly putting in the work to decide what I think is ok instead of living my life under the rules that others want me to.

Saturday night I was reading an article on Buzzfeed which kind of hit it right on the head. While my upbringing was not as strict as this one woman’s, the information was the same.

If you want to give it a read, click the link and have fun haha.

8 thoughts on “Shedding Some Light

  1. Why is the pencil metaphor vaguely familiar…?? I grew up and currently live in what’s considered “the Bible Belt” and the sex education in our public schools are complete and utter trash. When I was in school it was abstinence only lessons and pictures of STIs with the commentary of ‘you don’t want this so don’t do that,’ but never explained what that was.

    Recently my boss went to a school board function and there was a representative from Planned Parenthood that spoke about the myths she has heard from high school students about sex; the most shocking one being that a female asked if it was true that douching with Mt. Dew would protect her from contracting AIDs and prevent pregnancy. Also many religious kids will participate in anal sex because it’s “not sex” and not understand the ramifications.

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