What Now February: Bad Idea

Today something happened and I am living through the consequences of it.

So the new student in my class was having a tantrum, again. It turned violent, again. And one of my EA’s, the one who is more experienced than I am, was like “to the time out room”. Which is what the parents of the child want over CPI holds. So we got the child out of the classroom, on the way to the time out room, and another adult went to find the senior therapist.

This was the bad idea since it was not allowed.

I thought it was so I supported this. But I was pulled into the principal’s office during my prep with the senior therapist as well and asked what happened. I didn’t get into trouble but I said that since the parents had verbally agreed to it, and the child was being violent, we removed her from the class. They asked why I didn’t get a senior therapist first. And I said, she turned from just not listening to violent in about 30 seconds and we removed her at the same time as going to get the therapist. I sincerely apologized saying that I thought the verbal agreement from the parents was enough. It’s not. Legally we need to have signatures and proper plans in place and stuff before that happens.

The student had another tantrum in the afternoon, while I was in the meeting with these two ladies, thinking I was getting fired. It was cut short because the senior therapist needed to help in that situation. Which is so confusing because another EA came to help and was using holds she had been trained on. Which she was told she can’t do. But if we were all trained in them over the summer, why are we not allowed to use them? Especially when a child is being violent in the class.

The entire staff had an emergency staff meeting at the end of the day.

So just a lot of bad ideas in my class. Add in other tantrums from this child which were not violent, and another student who was just SCREAMING for an hour for reasons they couldn’t articulate. Couldn’t be consoled or redirected.

This month I am writing posts that line up with whatsandrathinks‘ prompts.

14 thoughts on “What Now February: Bad Idea

  1. What an icky, stressful day for you, T. I had a similar one yesterday – as in icky and stressful. There were no tantrum screaming children about (if you don’t count me, lol).


    • It really sucked and I honestly thought I was going to be written up or fired for it. But also think that the therapist should have stopped them in the hall if they weren’t allowed to go all the way to the time out room. As of Wednesday, the child will be removed from the class but like it’s so defeating to have a day like this when we are basically told we can’t do anything except to call for the ST to come and take over. Like every single day my lessons are interrupted. I can’t finish a whole day’s lessons. It’s impossible if my EA, who is supposed to be teaching at the same time, is off being kicked and bitten while she waits for the ST. It’s affecting my other students as well, their attention, and their willingness to just come to school. It’s a lot to handle right now.


      • That’s hard all around. I can’t imagine they could fire you or anything for that – you didn’t know! And as you said, the ST should have said something sooner. I hope you have something at home you can do to spoil yourself and cheer yourself up.xx

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        • I would have been written up before firing. But wasnt. So thats good. I ordered way too much McDonald’s and ate all of it. And then called a friend and now I’m in bed and relaxed! But the relaxed part was also accompanied with over tiredness and a headache LOL good thing its bed time

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  2. Yikes. Is there a point where the school says, “I’m sorry but we can’t handle this child at this school?” I know in public schools around here if there is a student that is so disruptive it bothers the other students that’s what they will do.

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    • This is the school they send those kids to lol we have the protocol for it but it all has to be signed off on for legal reasons. I didnt realize the verbal wasnt enough. But even so, its just utterly draining until we are able to move her out of the classroom to start the new program. If that program doesn’t work, she gets moved to the intensive behaviour intervention at the charity we are connected with (same floor of the same building) and starts there and works back into class from there. But its MUCH more expensive.

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    • I had the shower and called a friend. A few tears in the eyes while coming home but no cry. I do feel better now, even though a headache has appeared. But its bed time so took a small dose of ibuprofen and will sleep it off. Thanks for the hug!💛

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