6 Months

I really can’t believe it.

It has been 6 months since I moved into my own place in Ottawa, so let’s share some thoughts that I have on that.

First of all, I still love my job. It is so rewarding and so fulfilling and even though I can leave the end of the day having given literally every single ounce of energy and motivation that I have to it, I still love it. I can see the changes in the lives of these kids and I know that I am making such an amazing positive impact in their lives that I can’t help but love it through the bad times.

My apartment: is still great. Like when I moved in I thought it was a little bit too good to be true that it was so nice. There were no issues that first month. And then it turned into two months, and now 6 months later, I literally have only had one issue with the other people who live here! Most days I don’t even know if anyone is home upstairs. And there are three grown adults living up there. The landlord was very clear on the fact that 11pm is quiet. A few times the people upstairs had music on after 11 but it wasn’t enough to disrupt me. I just put in earplugs and it was cancelled out. It was quiet. But once, a few weekends ago, they were playing loud bass until at least 12:30 and even my amazing earplugs didn’t cut that noise out so the next morning I texted my landlord to just remind them. Literally any time that I need something done (the silicone gaulking in the shower to be changed for example) it is done within a few days. The landlord is a sweet gem and I can’t believe I am so lucky to have landed this place.

The city of Ottawa: well I have to say that I have not been so adventurous in my free time as some would suggest that I be since I am living in a new city. The transition here was rough on my mental state and now that I’m settled and balanced again, and not exhausted to the point of just randomly crying at things, it’s too cold to go out and we just finished another month of lockdowns so…yeah…it’s not been a good time to be out and about. Also, I am still very upset at the lack of sidewalks around here lol. Like the main road has them, but once you’re off that main road, then you are basically on your own! Good luck to you and any traffic on the side streets. It’s annoying. But that’s why I wanted to join a gym. Which didn’t happen because of the lockdowns. Gyms just opened up again on Monday so I’m gonna give it a week and then I will look into it.

I really love that I am feeling settled. I might even get rid of the boxes under my bed…but maybe not LOL they are all good moving boxes! I feel like I have a home, but I just can’t get over the feeling of maybe I have to move soon. Which I always have because I moved 15 times in 12 years lol. That might just take a little bit more time to feel settled and secure in.

Overall, I really love that I have moved here. I wish that the move had brought me and my brother closer but with his choice in partner, there is now a divide there. We don’t text as much and I think it’s because when he used to text me, now he texts her. Which is fine, but he also just ignores my texts if he doesn’t think he needs to reply to them. So I hope that possibly once they are married and settled that maybe my relationship with him will go back to where it used to be. But I’m not sure it will. We will have to wait and see.

15 thoughts on “6 Months

  1. It does take a while to get settled. Sorry about your relationship with your brother. I have a very strained relationship with one of my sisters and frankly, once all the stuff with mom’s affairs have been straightened out I don’t think I’ll ever speak to her again. Just better off not having toxic relationships in my life.

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  2. I’m so happy for you that the move has been all you hoped. Your brother is starting a new family, and while he will love you just as much, his new family will be his priority. It’s just the way of the world. Try not to let yourself be hurt by it. Over time you guys will find your new normal. At first, you liked his fiance. Maybe try and find that in her again – it will help you so much in moving ahead with your relationship with your brother. But I can tell you from experience (like scr4pl80 that when siblings find partners it can change family relationships unfortunately).

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  3. Hey, remember that time you lived with a psycho that you had to share a bathroom with? Whatever happened to that guy? Did he wind up getting kicked out after you left? Did I miss that in a blog post at some point?

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    • LOL yes I remember that time! He is still in the house. Not removed. He was served with an eviction notice, which stated he needed to be out by November 30th 2020. But he is still there! My friends who lived above weren’t being paid back for repairs by the landlord and they didn’t pay rent for their last month or so, and were served with an eviction notice and a notice to repay the money in September. But they bought a house and moved out on November 1st. They just had their hearing with the landlord board yesterday and the landlord didn’t have the receipt saying that the notice of eviction was delivered (because my friend didn’t accept it) so the landlord left the zoom hearing saying they couldn’t find it and withdrew their claim. We are hoping that is the end of it. But the crazy guy is still there haha

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  4. So happy that you are loving Ottawa so far!
    Once it’s warmer you’ll have a bit more of a chance to explore & really get your feet wet!
    I’m sorry about your brother, I wish it was different.

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    • It really is a great place to live and over the years I have done so many things while up here visiting my brother. Now the only thing I wish was different was the covid restrictions. I’m all for the masks and the vaccine passport for places like gyms/restaurants/movie theaters/sports etc where your mask will be off for an extended amount of time, but other than that lets just move on haha thats what I’m really excited about so help in my getting out. And of course for the truckers to leave haha

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