Now What February – you knew?

Let’s just keep the monthly things going!

My beautiful Sandra has decided that she wanted to keep the “fun” of Bloganuary going into February and she has made up her own prompts for the month. Here is her picture for the prompts!

I’m not saying I will participate in every prompt but I do love the ideas so far! I will try my hardest. I might have to schedule some over the weekend to keep on track.

My issue today is about the “you knew” thing. My one violent tantrum student was at it again today. Except for today, it was my arm that they decided to bite. They didn’t break the skin and I have a barely-there bruise, but I was rattled! Like my hands were shaking for about 5 minutes after. Thankfully it happened on the same day that we had a zoom call with the parents, the principal, two senior therapists, and myself. It is decided that the child will not be allowed in the classroom until the behaviours stop. But like that thing that gets me is that the parents KNEW about this. Even while doing online lessons, I can see the behaviours happening at the one house. I haven’t seen the child at the other but I don’t have to. I have seen enough just from the one parent. And to sit on a zoom call with 4 professionals who have to deal with your child every day, who are being hit and kicked and bitten by your child, who have witnessed you drop your child off at the beginning of the day and thrust their backpack into our arms and say “they are healthy, I’m leaving!” while we try to do the covid screening, and then say the behaviours don’t come out at home?! THE BEHAVIOURS STARTED AT HOME. Don’t tell me you didn’t know.


*goes to be overly dramatic about a bruise that you can’t even see unless you know where it is*

28 thoughts on “Now What February – you knew?

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  2. No way are you being overly dramatic. No one should just accept workplace violence in any way, shape, or form. Period. And when/if the day comes that it is tolerated it is time for a new job. Hang in there friend. You are doing the work of an angel.

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  3. You’re absolutely not being overly dramatic! No one should have to tolerate being hit or bitten at school. I’m glad those behaviours are being addressed with the parents. Special needs or not, those behaviours always start at home and the parents should be willing to help so you and the other students are safe when this student is in class.

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