Bloganuary The End

Ugh finally, am I right?

So now that its February, I thought a nice little reflection was in order for Bloganuary.

I don’t think its any sort of surprise that I did not enjoy this event at all. The prompts were just very uninspiring for me. But props to the person who organized it because I’m sure it took a lot of work! I know I couldn’t do it, so well done for having it all prepared for the month!

One thing I was happy about was that I searched for others using the hashtag and was able to follow a small handful of new blogs! I’ll keep up with reading them over February to see their personal styles outside of the event!

The next big thing for me will be the April A to Z challenge. I still don’t know what topic I will select, so suggestions are welcome!

17 thoughts on “Bloganuary The End

  1. I’ve been thinking about A to Z and while I have a theme picked out, I’m not sure if I will have the time to prep for it (and if I can’t pre-load the posts, I won’t be able to manage it). I’ll see how I go (I can always save it for next year).

    My suggestion as a topic would be things to do and see in Ottawa. I reckon you’d have to be able to get an alphabet’s worth. Then you might discover things to do yourself 🙂

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      • Okay, one without research and effort. I suggest you do a photo post. You already have lots of them, and can take more between now and then. You could write about where it was taken, or why you like that photo etc.

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