Sunday Scribblings #90

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is croissant.


But not chocolate ones. I’m not really a sweet person anyway, so adding chocolate or nutella inside of a croissant is a nope from me.

But man do I love croissants. I could eat them all the time.

In South Korea, my favourite little bakery shop was called “Paris Baguette” and it was soo yummy and they would take croissants and fill them with cheese or a hot dog with toppings inside. It was a very Korean style snack, and I’m guessing not a Parisan thing, but so good. Sometimes after work that would be my dinner. Just go there and pick a whole bunch of things and then go home.

And in all seriousness, what’s not to like? It’s just fluffy buttery carbs. Sometimes with stuff on or in it. YUM

9 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #90

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  2. I love croissants, just can’t eat them anymore since my body decided wheat was all forms of evil. Not a chocolate fan in croissants either. I love them split with homemade plum jam on them. Mmmm

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  3. Paris Baguette has locations in Shanghai too. In fact the nearest bakery to my house is a Paris Baguette…it’s both a blessing and a curse…haha. I do my 6k walk right by it and it’s a bit too tempting some times.

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