Has been a day

Which was preceeded by a week of days.

This week has been rough. And its been draining. And I really am finding that the desire to go to work tomorrow is not existing at all. Its like every single day is just one more thing that is going to drain every ounce of my energy and patience.

I can’t really talk about it but it’s been a massive struggle. And I know this will pass. But it has been a week.

In order to just try to find one good thing for the day, my new mukluks arrived a day early and I will be trying them out tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “Today

    • Wore them today and they are amazing!! Since I love them, I also had to go back to the site and get a care kit for the suede. The fur has its own oils the customer service rep said so thats good


  1. I had a totally different style of boot in my head, lol. Those look like fancy ugg boots. I have a pair of Canadian boots which I bought online (super compfy, waterproof and warm). I must look and see what brand they are.

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    • They are fancy uggs! LOL they have real fur (someone says probably rabbit) which is ethically hunted and used when available by the community which builds the boots. There is sheep inside and then its seude on the outside. I just purchased a suede care kit last night from the company since I love the boots and just want to wear them all day long haha


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