And the search for a new pair of winter boots.

I have had the same pair of Sorel winter boots for 5 winters now. They are warm, and waterproof, and heavy and clunky.

Except they have one tiny little hole in the outter lining so if my boot is fully submerged in water, I feel a tiny drop of water in my sock.

At the time I bought them, they were $150 and that felt like so much money! Especially since I was a nanny and barely making enough to cover any extra expense. I’m so glad they have lasted!

And its not like there are any problems with the boots other than the small leak. But they are very heavy, like I already said.

I was going to replace them next winter but then I started looking around for new boots in the after Christmas styles and I got it set in my mind to buy a pair now.

I was only going to focus on Sorels since thats what worked so well last time. But all their styles were still bulky.

A friend of mine suggested Merrells. She said her friend swears by them. So I headed over to the website and looked at all the styles. I found one that I really liked! So then I ordered them! They were $226 after everything and I was ok with that. Especially if they last as long as the Sorels did!

The boots arrived and I wore them on Friday to work. Which was a HORRIBLE choice! By the time I got to work, I couldn’t feel my feet. Once inside the warm building and into my sneakers, my toes felt like they were on FIRE for at least 30-45 minutes. It was -29⁰ and felt like -30⁰ so I let it go. And then on the way home it was only -18⁰ and still the same thing!

I got home and contacted the company through their chat agent on their website. I explained the boots weren’t warm enough and I’d like to start the return process. The agent sent a link and I filled out a “defect” form. Saturday they replied that not being warm enough wasn’t a defect but “as a one time courtesy” they will refund the boots.

But there was no returning information. I emailed back thanking for the refund, and asking for directions on how to return the product. They replied today that they do not need the product returned, but request that I either recycle or dispose of the product.

I have ordered a pair of mukluks which are SO CUTE, and one penny less than the Merrells. Hopefully they arrive soon. Rhey are rated to keep you warm up to -32⁰ and Canadian made. So win win.

Now to decide what to do with these boots. I was thinking of just posting them online for free since I already got my money back from them. But also could probably sell them as well? At a heavy discount because I have already got my money back and it will cover my other boot purchase. So now I have a choice to make lol

11 thoughts on “Merrells

    • LOL well I think it might have been just to avoid an argument cos when I filled out the defect form and it asked for a new style and size to exchange it with I just wrote “i want a refund” and under size “no” haha


    • Have not sold them! I paid $226 after taxes so was asking $125 thinking I’d be lowered to $100 which was fine. But only one person inquired and sent this weird link to a google form of links asking if they were the same style? So strange. I sent the product link and they didnt even look at it and never replied so 🤷‍♀️ my new boots arrived this week and I LOVE them so I’ll keep the big sorels for heavy snow drift days but might get rid of the merrells


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