Bloganuary Day 24

Write about a dream you vividly remember.

OK – I’ll give you two!

So I am 6 years old and my brother is there. We are in our old farm house. BUT we are being attacked by dinosaurs! The T-Rex ripps the roof off our house and we have to run across the street to our neighbours house. Which I have never been in BUT we run upstairs and we are hiding behind these really big 70’s style recliners. Very tacky, but very big and easy to hide behind as children. So then the T-Rex comes and rips off the side of the house and is trying to find us and we are crying but trying to stay very still because they can’t see you unless you move or make noise! The rest of the dream consists of running away and being chased by dinosaurs. First experienced after seeing Jurriassic Park at the drive in when it just came out in 1993, a few repeats after that.


I am like 4 or 5 and my family is going to the circus. At the circus the clowns kidnap my family! They take my mom to the top of a pile of flour (not sure why it’s a pile of flour) but like it’s a hill, soooo tall up! And they shove her head in and mother her. Then they have my dad on the swinging bars and as he is dangling from the bar, he swings and they cut off his head with huge massive swords. and then they have my brother and they are decapitating in with some sort of wire. Experienced after going to the circus for the first time.

I did write a few posts about other dreams I remember but was not in the mood to try to find it so I did these from memory. Obviously I don’t think I was a very balanced child haha.

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