Sunday Scribblings #89

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is handwriting.

I have always had a love-hate relationship with my handwriting. As a left-handed person, I think that I’m at a disadvantage because most pens are made for right-handed people. If you say this doesn’t matter then you obviously have never had the ball of a pen stick inside because it’s being pulled in the opposite direction than it was designed to roll and then you have to like scribble the pen on some paper to get it unstuck before you can keep writing. It’s a struggle y’all.

I also feel that left-handed people just write with less neatness than right-handed people. Don’t get me wrong! I can bust out the most adorable primary teacher printing when I need to, and if I rrreeeaaalllllyyyyy focus I can handwrite very neatly, but again, I feel like my left-handedness is against me.

Or maybe it’s just the fact that I didn’t take the time to practice? I did try to improve my handwriting about 5 years ago. I practiced every single day for a month or something. I chronicled it on my blog but of course, I can’t find that for you, so just trust me on it. If you really wanted to go digging for it, it was somewhere in the first 6 months of 2017 lol

Overall I really like my printing, and I like my handwriting like 60% of the time. But a bonus tip for any primary teachers out there, when having to write a note home to parents, children usually can’t read handwriting. Even if they can read printing! So I like to handwrite all my notes so that the parents get the information and the kids can’t read it 😉 Cos I’m sneaky like that! One time I had one disrespectful student and I dealt with him in class but asked for his agenda and wrote that we had already spoken about it in class and no at home follow-up was necessary but I did it in cursive and he spent the whole morning crying. A little mean, but by the time I get to writing a note home, they need to seriously consider their actions.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #89

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  2. Handwriting is another one of those things that is not taught in school much anymore. Sad fact. It depends on how fast I write how neat I am and I actually use a bit of cursive and printing at the same time. The pen really makes a difference too.

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  3. Pens are constructed for right handers?? I didn’t know that! I’m a leftie. When pens don’t work I assume they’re running out of ink. Next time it happens I am going to test the pen and see what it’s like scrawling with my right hand.

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  4. My son is left handed, and he has the neatest writing ever. His teachers used to compliment it all the time and asked what family member he got it from. He replied, his grandfather. What the ??? Anyway, he does maneuver his hand at an odd angle to avoid the smearing as he writes towards the right side of the paper.

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  5. They really don’t teach cursive anymore. It’s a shame, because I can write far faster than the Barbarians. They were teaching touch typing from year 1 at the boys first school, but then we moved here and they didn’t teach it (if you aren’t going to teach cursive, at least teach typing!). I tried to teach the boys, but Heckle wasn’t interested. Jeckle is a great touch typist, but Heckle is a two-finger typist *sigh*. My handwriting can be neat and can be like chicken scratchings – depends how I feel, lol.

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    • Haha! To each their own! Its so hard cos like with all the differebt types of technology now people have their favourite form of “writing” mine definitely is typing on a keyboard. Im very fast and dont have to look (if my nails cooperate hehe)


      • I have to keep my nails short so I can play my clarinet. I always wonder how people with long nails manage to type! After this many years of having to have short nails, I don’t think I would ever be able to have longer ones.

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        • Right now my nails are too long for me but its nail day tomorrow. When I do them, I make them flush with the tip of my finger and then let them grow out a few mm before I file them down again haha I have no idea how people survive with LONG nails


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