Bloganuary Day 18

What book is next on your reading list?

I can tell you what book I am currently reading:

The Autistic Brain by Temple Grandin

I also have “The Brothers of Auschuwitz” from the library and will be picking up “its in his kiss” tomorrow evening so not sure what is next.

13 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 18

  1. I mentally/emotionally toil daily with a tumultuous combination of Autism Spectrum Disorder, High Sensitivity and Adverse Childhood Experience trauma, the latter which is in large part due to the ASD and High Sensitivity.

    Therefore, it would be quite helpful to have a book(s) written about such or similar conditions involving a tumultuous combination of ASD and/or ACE trauma and/or high sensitivity, the latter which seems to have a couple characteristics similar to ASD traits.

    I read The Autistic Brain, but it fails to even once mention the real potential for additional challenges created by a reader’s ASD coexisting with thus exacerbated by high sensitivity and/or ACE trauma. I then read a book on adverse childhood experience trauma that totally fails to even once mention high sensitivity and/or autism spectrum disorder. This was followed by a book about highly sensitive men, with no mention whatsoever of autism spectrum disorder or adverse childhood experience trauma.

    It’s no secret that ACE abuse/trauma is often inflicted on autistic and/or highly sensitive children/teens by their neurotypical peers, so why not at the very least acknowledge it? The Autistic Brain fails to even hint at this plausible potential.


    • The literature available about people on the spectrum and their lives is severely lacking. I completely agree. Personal experiences are pften overlooked for scientific data. Have you considered writing your own book to provide some literature for others who have some of the same experiences as you?

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  2. If I did write something, it likely would take the form of an extensive essay. But then there’s the little matter of acquiring a publisher, which only publish material that will sell thus return a profit.


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