Nail Art: Spider Gel

Day 100 of posting!

Yesterday, I didn’t have too much of an idea in mind about what I wanted to do, so I spread my nail art out over the whole day.

I settled on a dark, sparkly grey polish and then busted out my spider gel and made a huge mess but actually like how it turned out!

I also tried out my new UV protection gloves. Since I am using my lamp every two weeks and usually have detailed designs which means my hand is under the light a LOT, I thought it was a smart purchase to make 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nail Art: Spider Gel

  1. Already told you I love the nails BUT I didn’t mention I am so relieved you have the gloves. Yonks ago I mentioned I was worried about the UV exposure, but while I haven’t mentioned since, still worried me. Very relieved to know you can protect your hands now, T 🙂

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    • I have been concerned as well since I started doing my fake nails because its so consistent now. Its also why I wanted the faster lamp. Not sure if that changes the exposure but I feel better at least lol


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