Bloganuary Day 17

What is a superpower you’d love to have?

The ability to clone myself!

Y’all, after working at my new job where I have to run two different lessons at the same time at a two different levels, (like math at level 2 and phonics at level 1, at the same time), I would LOVVVVEEEE to clone myself.

It would also help on days like today, where we are at home because of a massive blizzard and everyone is snowed in. If I could clone myself then I could send that clone out to other places and teach in person instead of having to deal with technology issues and then my kids would be engaged and happy all day instead of going insane on zoom.

11 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 17

  1. I used to think cloning myself would be awesome – but I have come to realise I would just end up with twice as much to do (because people’s expectations seem to work that way), lol.

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  3. I totally want a clone! Matter of fact, I’d like three… one to cook and do housework, one to run mundane errands and pay bills, and one to pretend to enjoy going to those boring office functions of my husband’s. Yes. I’ll need three.

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    • Haha! right?! I would need probably just 1 or 2. I have two groups at school right now that need to be taught simultaneously so I’d love to have another me for that instead of having someone else teach them. And then maybe one for errands while at work? Not sure. But definitely extra me’s would be so useful!

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