Sunday Scribblings #88

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is nothing. Like that’s the word. He didn’t just give us nothing to write about hehe.

Have you ever felt like you just have nothing left to give? I’m finding that a lot of teachers this year are saying that is where they are at. As a collective, we are all reaching burnout levels.

I am kind of happy that my burnout happened in October. But I was processing more than just teaching. It was a lot.

But for a lot of teachers, this pandemic has led to greater, and longer-lasting, burnout. It’s so hard for us to manage when we are being completely depleted and then have nothing left and the weekends and time off isn’t really helping us to recharge.

When I was training to be a teacher, I knew that I would be required to be doing a little work at home. It’s kind of sad that that is the standard, but you have to prepare for teaching and your prep time doesn’t always give you the ability to do that. In my current school, this is the first year that teachers have any prep time at all. And I usually don’t get to use any of it for prep as I am needed to assist my students. I go in early to get ready for the day and will stay about 15 minutes after just so I’m not standing outside waiting for the bus doing nothing. But even with all of that, I still need to do work at home. Which I will be doing after I finish scheduling this post.

But my life is pretty simple. I have a chiropractor appointment here and there and will do other things like go to the library and clean my small place and stuff. But nothing that really takes up a lot of mental or physical energy.

I can’t even imagine how teachers with husbands or wives and/or children and pets and other responsibilities have anything left at the end of the week. On top of what is already a very draining job, let’s add in a pandemic. The stress and added new protocols that we have to adhere to. Some boards will allow certain PPE and some will not. Some you have to buy yourself and some the school will provide. Having to change around your daily schedule to fit in bathroom breaks and water breaks because kids aren’t allowed to mix with other cohorts or only 1 person is allowed at the water fountain at a time to fill up their water bottles. And if you don’t have a water bottle, the actual fountain part has been turned off. Staff microwaves and fridges were off-limits and in some schools still are. Having to screen students daily as they come in – some parents are lovely and will wait for you to ask your questions, while others (and this literally happened to me this week) will interrupt you at the first question and shove their child’s bag at you saying “they are healthy, I’m leaving”.

It’s a lot. And I understand that parents are inconvenienced when they have to stay home to work and then you also have your child at home, it makes working harder. But we are literally risking our own health and the health of our loved ones to go to work. We don’t have a choice. It’s a little ridiculous to see the entitlement of some of these parents.

It’s no wonder that they (we) have nothing left!

And now I get to go and spend at least an hour or so trying to see if I can make a new schedule work while also trying to fit in all the ministry required hours for subjects which just isn’t possible for my school because of the number of breaks and specialized programs that we have…

3 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #88

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  2. I think a lot of people are reaching burnout – especially those in the healthcare industry. I wish I had time for nothing, but I don’t even remember the last time I had a moment with nothing. One day it will happen again!

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    • Yes! I cant imagine being a health care worker right now! So stressful! And one of our provinces even made it mandatory that if you had covid as a nurse you were still supposed to go to work. Thats how much of a shortage it is. Its insane


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