5 thoughts on “Paint Chip Poetry

  1. Aging Grey-fully:
    I never planned to age gracefully;
    I never planed to age at all;
    But with every attempt to abort a failure,
    I’m still here;
    Well most of me;
    I find myself disappearing top down;
    Almost nothing left on my crown;
    So it’s a shopping day;
    What shall I go with?
    There are so many choices;
    Silver Ash?
    Whitewash Oak?
    Arid Plains?
    Something more macho,
    Battleship Grey?
    Or perhaps one for each day?
    A day-of-the-week toupee?
    Yes, that’s it!
    I’ve gotta pee, then I’ll be back
    To take that multi-pack!

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