Bloganuary Day 11

What does it mean to live boldly?

Guys it has been a DAY! My head hurts from the cold, the condensation on my glasses actually FROZE on my lenses, and I just don’t have any idea what this means. These prompts are not really inspiring me at all lately lol. BUUUUUTTTT I am loving the new blogs I have been discovering. I try to get to 2 or 3 new ones each day.

I also read an answer for this prompt by another blogger who is some time zones ahead and it was posted when I woke up this morning. I really like her answer so I shall post part of it here!

It possibly, means – for me, to live without doubts or care. Without shying away from responsibility. Being loud and unapologetic. Taking what one wants, and being confident about it. Being who one wants to be and not how others are expecting them to be. Being free.

Catherine – Reflections of a Unique Mind

Please go and check out her blog to read her full post, you can find it here.

Thanks for letting me cheat today, Catherine!

10 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 11

  1. Hope you’ve recovered from the cold. Aren’t schools closed right now though? Thanks for the tip on Catherine’s blog. I will check it out.
    You’re quite right about the uninspiring prompts, though meeting new people is a great upside. Stay warm this evening GF!

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    • I am currently out from a hot shower with a fresh cup of hot chocolate so I am doing great! I work for a special education school so some of our students need to be in class. We did risk assessments for each who wanted to do in person and some were approved and some were not.

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  2. Wait a second…just because your living in the past doesn’t mean you can just lift…haha. Just kidding. Please stay safe and if not warm at least not frozen. Where are all those wool garbs you were grateful about?

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    • LOL I was wearing off of them Monty! Thermal wool socks over my regular socks, in my winter boots, jeans and snowpants, winter coat, mittens, ear muffs, a HUGE thick wool scarf used as a hood/scarf, plus a cloth mask over my face. The condensation from my mask on my glasses froze. Legit froze against the lenses lol its been a day

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      • Aww. I recall a frigid day during mid-year exams in high school when the bus was an hour late. I arrived to school with nose icicles (not a joke) and couldn’t stop shaking. Luckily my Spanish teacher let me take additional time. Try filing in those little scantron bubbles with shakes (let alone think in a 2nd language)! Sending you my warmest thoughts!

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