Bloganuary Day 9

What do people incorrectly assume about you?

I knew the answer to this one IMMEDIATELY!

It’s that I wouldn’t have tattoos. Or that I have so many of them.

As a primary teacher, and a semi-decent Christian (depending on who you ask I am also a heathen and a hypocrite), I give off a very innocent and bubbly personality. And it’s true. That is 100% what I project to the world and the image of myself that I have been fostering for the last 34 years. I am not that in my private life, but I like to keep my private life….well…private.

I have a very bubbly personality, “cupcakes and rainbows” is how I like to describe it. I don’t swear. I don’t drink or smoke or do any sort of drug that isn’t prescribed by a doctor (except for coffee). On the outside, I appear very “vanilla”. I love being cute and being that person. It truly is who I am and I love it.

But for some reason, no one thinks that that person I just described could also have body art? Because on top of all of that, I am also a boundary pusher. I was the first person at my church to get a piercing that wasn’t my ears and be open about it, I was the first in my youth group co-hort (and honestly probably any of the past youth) to get a tattoo and be open about it. And after I did those things, within 6 months there were other young girls in my age group who popped up with the same.

Before getting the hippo tattoo on my wrist, it was really easy for people to just assume I didn’t have any because they are all small and most are covered in my professional life or not very noticeable. But at last count, there are 6. Some people accept that I’d have one tattoo, but when I say 6, they are like “WHAT? SIX?!” hehe it’s fun times. I have written about them all in the past, so I won’t really go into a LOT of detail about them now.

The first 4 happened during my university years. I got my first tattoo when I was 18, the summer before I started university. Because of some bad academic choices, I was in university for 5 full years (and I mean full because I took summer courses as well to make up for those choices) and my 4th tattoo came in the spring of my very last year. It was a nice way to bookend that experience. And I honestly thought I was done at that point. Then seven years later I got my hippo tattoo. I did get my wrist and foot touched up over the summer of 2018. And then three days before tattoo parlours were forced to close in March of 2020, I was got my last tattoo. It’s a Scottish thistle, and please be warned before you open this link, there is some side bewb action going on so if you’re not comfortable with that, please don’t click the link 😉

I honestly am done now. Like I know I have said that after tattoo number 4 and 5. But for reals guys, I mean it. Unless something MONUMENTAL happens, there will be no more ink going into this body. Well in any new place. I really do want to cover the one on my shoulder. I have never been happy with the execution of the design, but it will be expensive and painful to do since it has already been retouched once. And going over scar tissue SUCKS. So yeah…that might not happen but it’s all I have left that I would consider.

So that’s what people are usually shocked to find out about me. And part of me is like “seriously? Why is that so shocking it’s not like I’m a criminal” but then also I love the shock when people realize it. Just something about the look on their face gives me a little tiny bit of a rebel high. LOL

10 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 9

  1. Haha… That’s funny, because people assume that I am tattooed or pierced, it’s not even a question for them. But the truth is, there are no tattoos on my skin and no piercings on any body part. Hehe…

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      • I am a bit dark and I have been described as mysterious and eclectic. I hate it, but many people describe me that way – and it is also because of the music I listen to. They just think I must be tattooed and pierced. I don’t mind… And maybe there will be a tattoo some day, but not yet. Maybe when I hit my midlife crisis.

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