Bloganuary Day 7

What makes you laugh?

The stupidest, smallest things make me laugh! Like really, I laugh at the dumbest things possible! A friend and I basically just communicate through memes and reels on Instagram and send funny things to each other all day long. Sometimes we will take a break and have a semi-serious conversation. Like right now we are discussing how the dress I had picked out for my brother’s wedding isn’t “black tie formal” because I just got the invitation hand-delivered yesterday and now I have to go out and actually BUY a stupid dress for this stupid wedding…

Anyway, I digress. Here are a few of the things that my friend and I have sent to each other:

14 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 7

  1. Black tie formal – really? But your dress is so pretty. I reckon you could still wear it. It’s probably technically more cocktail but you can get away with it for sure.

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