Bloganuary Day 5

What is something that you wish you knew how to do?

Let things go.

The last few years, I have noticed within myself, but that I have developed this very bad habit of holding onto negative things and I wish I could just let them go.

Things people have said to me, how I think about a person, negative memories or feelings, stress, anxiety.

I’m not sure if this is a new thing, or if I just haven’t really noticed it within myself but I would love to learn how to not do it. My life would be a lot better if I did haha.

4 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 5

  1. Not to get too preachy but recognizing something is the first step to being able to make a change. When I want to make a change to my behavior or mindset I do a daily review of my day in the morning to see how to apply my desired behavior, the a quick reflection at night on how I’ve done. The change comes from making this reflection a habit. At least this approach has worked for me. Good luck! Thanks for sharing.

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